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Reshape is an advanced fitness app that helps you reach your wellness goal. A handy workout and meal planner that is always by your side to remind and motivate you.


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Instead of going to the gym, we offer you effective at-home workouts that are personalized and focused on areas you´re the most concerned about. Instead of strict dieting, we give you a variety of easy-to-do healthy recipes that actually taste amazing. By personalizing a program for you, we help you to reshape your body and mind, reach your target weight, and enjoy lost-lasting results.

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Find out what works for you with this 1-minute quiz approved by our nutrition and fitness professionals. Get a personal plan and gear up! Become healthier and happier by putting those experts in your pocket.

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As a new mom this app has quick workouts that o can do when the baby is sleeping. It has really helped me to get back into shape.


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I never use the apps for weight loss, but this one I’m definitely using. It gives you recipes and exercises plus tracks your steps! I love it

Nisi Sargent08/23/2020

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