10 Effective Strategies To Maintain Weight Loss

By ReshapeAugust 11th 2021

Everyone in this modern world might have tried at least once in their lifetime to lose weight. Fortunately, the majority of us weren't successful in it! However, keeping the weight off is more challenging. 

The research evaluates that only 20 percent of the people are able to maintain their weight after a weight loss diet. 

We’re here to help you acknowledge the tips and tricks of maintaining weight loss. In this article, we’ll discuss;

  • 10 Weight Loss Strategies
  • Why Can't People Maintain Weight Loss?
  • What Are The Five Behaviors For Successful Weight Loss Maintenance Outlined By The National Weight Registry?


10 Weight Loss Strategies

According to the U.S department of agriculture, a healthy eating pattern is one that contains a nutrient-dense variety of foods with balanced calories.

As soon as you start losing weight (under some medical advice) by some diet plan, it's time to move forward. Make slow adjustments into your life that can help you to keep the weight off. These small healthy pattern changes can also turn into permanent healthy lifestyle changes. 

Following the adjustments and health strategies that you need to implement in your life.

  1. Never Skip Exercise 

Indulge yourself in moderate exercise on a daily basis. To maintain a healthy weight, you need to constantly burn as many calories as you have consumed on the same day by performing regular physical activities. Moreover, regular exercise increases metabolism and keeps your body in shape. You can start with something as basic as a morning walk, jogging, take stairs instead of the lift, stretch, jump rope, or even join a consistent gym.

  1. Lose Weight At The Right Pace

Don’t try to get all errands done in just one day. It can be tiresome and overwhelming too. You need to start slow with a consistent pace so your body adopts changes smoothly. Physicians recommend that one should lose no more than 1 to 2 pounds per week.

10 Effective Strategies To Maintain Weight Loss
  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to everything! When you engage in a consistent diet where you do exercise, avoid processed foods, and consume fewer calories diets. Your pound will never jump upwards on the weight scale! 

  1. Never Bail On Breakfast

Studies suggest that people who do eat breakfast have a healthier life and weigh less than people who skip breakfast. Start by eating fresh fruits, dry fruits, quinoa, oats, or other healthy choices in the morning. As at that time, your stomach is empty and whatever you eat will have a direct effect on your health. Do not eat empty calories(foods with zero nutritional value) in the morning if you want to avoid health problems. 

  1. Incorporate More Protein 

Like in every weight loss diet, protein is recommended to be consumed in high percentage. Multiple pieces of research show that protein helps to maintain weight as it delivers high satiety and utility keeping you fuller for longer periods of time. 1,2

  1. Be Prepared For Setbacks Along The Way

Where there is success, there are losses too. Don’t get disheartened if you face occasional setbacks along the way of maintaining your weight loss goals. There can come a time where you may experience weight gain for some time. However, you need to motivate yourself to get back on track to lose those increased pounds. 

10 Effective Strategies To Maintain Weight Loss
  1. Fill Your Plate With Fruits And Vegetables

Your plate should be popping with colors(fruits and veggies). Choose low calories, low carb, high fiber, and high protein veggies and fruits. Multiple shreds of evidence prove that a diet high in vegetables promotes lasting weight loss. 1, 2, 3

  1. Stay Connected With Your Social Circle

Your social circle can have a considerable effect on your weight managing life. Find a trustable support group/person that will encourage you when you are drowning in the sea of demotivation. Moreover, celebrate your weight loss success with them. Whether spouse, sibling, friend, neighbor or a gym buddy, any person that you have emotional attachment/support with can lift up your determination.

  1. Control Emotional Eating 

Indulging in ice cream whenever you’re sad needs to stop right now! Emotional eating can sabotage your prolonged lost weight efforts in just a flick. Work on your personal life and maintain a healthy eating pattern with a stable emotional state of mind. 

  1. Track Your Food Intake

Research proves that people who write food journals are more likely to maintain their weight.

Recall your childhood diary writing habits and make another again! Write your daily meals and weight on it along with the date and time. It will help you track the time duration of your weight management as well as identify which foods make you weigh more.

Why Can't People Maintain Weight Loss?

There are several reasons why people can’t maintain weight loss. 

  • Slow metabolism is a major reason. When you follow a calorie-restricted diet, your body is forced to break down muscle(losing muscle) to use for energy. This action lowers your metabolic rate.
  • Extreme calories restrictive diets are also the main reason why people struggle with maintaining weight loss. As for long-term eating habits and lifestyles, cutting out almost everything in the name of diet can be exhausting. 
  • A false mindset is another strenuous reason. People who lose weight as a quick fix rather than a long-term healthy lifestyle solution are more likely to give up. 
  • People with high weight(obesity) show very slow results.


10 Effective Strategies To Maintain Weight Loss

What Are The Five Behaviors For Successful Weight Loss Maintenance Outlined By The National Weight Control Registry?

According to research, National Weight Control Registry members provide evidence that consistent long-term weight loss maintenance is possible. Following are the specific approaches that are associated with long-term success.

  1. Consuming Low-Energy, Low-Fat diets

Choose diets that restrict high fats and include more low energy low-fat foods items. Foods such as legumes(fiber), fish, egg whites, whole grains, low-fat skinless white-meat poultry, vegetables, and fat-free dairy products.

  1. Engaging In High Levels Of Physical Activity

Besides exercise, engaging in sports programs, jogging, lifting, digging, and carrying high weight things can also fulfill the needs of high levels of physical activity per day. 

  1. Consistent Self-Monitoring Of Body Weight And Food Intake

Self-monitor your diet and lifestyle by observing and recording every meal in a journal to keep track of everything. 

  1. Eating Breakfast Regularly

As discussed before, breakfast is not something that can be bailed for any reason at all!

  1. Demonstrating A High Level Of Dietary Restraint

Dietary restraint is a term used for defining the tendency to willingly and consciously control your food intake. Hence, it is essential according to The National Weight Registry to control your eating patterns all the time, especially on weekends when you're dining out with family or friends. You definitely don't want to waste your weight loss efforts over just one meal!

Note: These strategies also help obese patients for the betterment of their health

10 Effective Strategies To Maintain Weight Loss

The Final Verdict

Weight maintenance can be pretty tough for plenty of people. As long term weight loss needs effort as well as consistency. Anyhow, it is crucial to maintain weight as it has numerous health benefits. To avoid any health risks, you can also sign up for some weight loss programs or cut unhealthy calories permanently from your diet. Losing weight will be easy this way!


DISCLAIMER: The content of this article is for informational purposes only, and although Reshape.Me strives to keep the information up to date and correct, it does not replace the advice of a healthcare practitioner. Be sure to consult a licensed medical professional if you require personalized support that may affect your health. Any reliance on this information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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