Drug Abuse Addiction And Weight Management

By ReshapeAugust 11th 2021

Multiple people worldwide are trying their best to lose weight or gain weight for health-related concerns. Yet the amount of effort and treatment needed for especially weight loss is backbreaking. Some of them heard that some drug weight pills can alter your weight (weight loss) without doing any chores like exercise, appetite changing, dieting, etc. But are those drug weight pills worth it? 

After some time, people forget about the risks of taking drugs and become addicted. These substances will temporarily make you feel good or experience optimal weight gain or weight loss but then things will get out of hand soon. Addiction-related treatment is mandatory to avoid deadly results.


In this article, we’ll have a deep dive into alcohol and drug use addiction and its link to weight management as well as its treatment. Following are some things that you’ll learn below.


  • What Is Drug Addiction?
  • Symptoms Of Addiction
  • What Causes Weight Loss In Drug Addiction?
  • Relationship Between Obesity/ Weight Gain And Substance Use
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Substance Use Effects On Mental Health
  • Drug Addiction Treatment Options 
  • The Final Takeaway


What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug Abuse Addiction And Weight Management

Drugs taken such as alcohol and cocaine once just as an experiment of fun in your friend's circle have maximum chances of developing into a habit. Substances like heroin, nicotine, and alcohol, and drugs leave an effect promptly on your brain to let you feel pleasure or other feelings. With time, a person starts getting addicted to that certain feeling and starts using that particular substance like cocaine and alcohol consumption as an addiction.

However, some people enjoy addiction and lead to an addiction to multiple types of substances/drugs. These kinds of habits and lifestyle behavior can alter one’s mental state and physical states such as weight and other looks.


Symptoms Of Substance Abuse Or Addiction:

In the beginning, it can be difficult to identify the symptoms of addiction without having any knowledge of them.  We have summed up the symptoms of addiction into three groups that are physical, behavioral, and psychological. Read below to learn about these groups to identify addiction symptoms and further addiction treatment.


Drug use or addiction can often make the person act and behave like a different person in their normal lives. Following are the addiction changes from taking drugs that you should keep in mind.

Drug Abuse Addiction And Weight Management
  • Change in social circles
  • Poor performance in work
  • Self-isolation
  • Neglecting or apathetic behavior in everything
  • Continuous lying and dishonesty in work
  • Secretive behavior



The psychological impact is the major concern for a person that misuses drugs. These signs are a symptom that one is drowning himself in drug/alcohol addiction and needs treatment.

  • Personality changes
  • Trust issues
  • Fearful and obsessive thinking
  • No emotional values
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Not feeling anything for loved ones
  • Mood swings



Substance use disorders firstly change the way people look. There are numerous physical apparent signs of addiction that one can notice among drug abuse addicts. Following are some physical signs written below.

  • Slight weight loss
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Weight gain disorders
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Skin rash
  • Seizures
  • Difficulting in walking
  • Stammer 
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Lack of appetite


What Causes Weight Loss In Drug Addiction?

Drug Abuse Addiction And Weight Management

Slight weight loss or abnormal weight loss is often common in people who abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol. You might see every other addict facing weight loss disorders. Why is that? Why physical weight loss? 

Drug abuse addicts, especially prolonged alcohol abusers experience extreme and abnormal weight loss for several reasons. Following are the reason for their weight loss:

  • Abusers are always intoxicated with loads of substances/drugs that they forgot to eat and this lack of appetite makes a person lose weight
  • Alcohol use or drug abuse victims lead to weight loss when they engage in a wide range of physical activities without feeling tired like sports, dancing, running, and roaming around. 
  • Using drugs alters the way one tastes when eating food, this change of appetite makes it hard for them to eat and results in weight loss.
  • A number of illnesses develop inside the body of a drug abuse person which can weaken them internally and initiate weight loss abnormally.


Weight loss can result among abusers when they frequently abuse substances such as alcohol and drugs like: 

  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamine
  • Alcohol 
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Nicotine


Relationship Between Obesity/ Weight Gain And Substance Abuse:

Multiple pieces of research state that obesity/weight gain and using drugs/ substance abuse addiction have alike relationships but are not linked together.  Their treatment also shares some mutual symptoms such as eating food and drinking alcohol withdrawal symptoms. According to research, their co-occurrence is very rare but they both share neurobiological similarities. 

Both substance use addiction and obesity (abnormally increased body weight) are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. It is still unclear to say that substance usage addiction directly leads to body weight gain. However, some studies show conflicting results that long-term binge alcohol use among abusers may lead to obesity, eating disorders, increased body weight, or higher body mass. 

Substance Use Disorders:

SUD (substance use disorder) is a chronic health condition in which substance abusers take high consumption of harmful substances like alcohol and cocaine despite their direct harmful consequences. They keep using drugs and get addicted to them which often results in developing several chronic health related concerns. Abusers have a hard time controlling their withdrawal from alcohol abuse or other addiction(in treatment) and can lead to weight loss issues like abnormal weight loss as well as damage their organs and give rise to health diseases and disorders like heart disease, HIV, and cancer.


Substance Abuse Effects On Mental Health

Continuous substance usage can leave both long term and short term effects on your brain causing multiple health and body related disorders. Pieces of research show that drug abuse people without proper treatment go through chronic mental health issues like hallucinations, depression, aggression, body weight loss stress, and anxiety if not get proper drugs addiction treatment.  

Drugs like kratom, cocaine, marijuana, inhalants, alcohol, LSD, steroids ketamine, etc contribute to disturbing mental health issues in the brain in substance abusers.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options 

Drug Abuse Addiction And Weight Management

To control your alcohol use or other drug use addictions, call for family support, contact your GP for therapy, health officer support, rehab addiction treatment, or addiction treatment specialist to get yourself checked and discuss addiction treatment options accordingly. 

Following are some famous effective drug addiction treatment options:

  • Behavioral support counseling as drug addiction treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment
  • Detoxification in terms of addiction treatment 
  • Contingency management addiction treatment
  • Drugs addiction treatment with medication
  • Withdrawal training addiction treatment
  • Follow nutrition programs to avoid weight loss as an addiction treatment
  • Physical exercise 
  • Enroll in  support and recovery program center for support groups


The Final Takeaway

Drug use addiction or substance use disorder can arise from alcohol abuse or other drug abuse and leave detrimental outcomes. This drug addiction can lead to frequent weight loss, heart health diseases, cognitive impairment, and other mental disorders. To avoid these health related mental and physical diseases, body disorders like lack of appetite, and weight loss issues get drugs addiction treatment help asap! Get started today!

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