Wendy From Arizona Shares How The “Golden Spice” Helped To Relieve Her Arthritis

By Soraya ZiouSeptember 14th 2021

Joint pain or arthritis is a major problem for people over 50. Many try anti-inflammatory medication, but frequent use of it does come with side effects (1). Of course, many doctors propose steroid injections or other complicated surgeries, but many Americans fear these interventions, asking, is this necessary?

Trust in Western medicine is declining. Our healthcare system is very good at curing infections, but not so much with chronic disease. Sometimes there are natural cures for our illnesses right there in our gardens, but they are not beneficial for big pharmacy companies; that’s why we never hear about them in the news.

This was the case for one of our readers - Wendy. She says:

“In October 2020, during the covid pandemic, I had a very bad flare-up to my right knee joint. I was in a great deal of pain (co-codamol 4x daily did cover the pain for some time). X-ray showed obvious osteoarthritis in 2 areas of the joint. For years I was dealing with this. Some days were okay, some days I could not walk. I tried all kinds of painkillers, physical therapy, reiki, acupuncture, Thai massage, even steroid injections. It helped, but not for long. I was looking for complete relief and getting my life back.

Pain and loss of function continued even with supplements and regular use of Ibuprofen.

Since Western medicine was failing me, I decided to take things into my own hands.

After doing some research on the internet I found that everyone was talking about a spice called turmeric. At first, I thought it was just another overhyped ‘miracle cure’, but I wanted to believe it can heal me so badly I kept reading. Then I found there were actual studies done that proved it help to greatly relieve joint pain and arthritis (2). The best thing is that it is made by nature. It has shown to have potent anti-inflammatory (3) and antioxidant properties.

But there were a lot of turmeric supplements on the market and I didn’t know which one to try out… At first, I tried some pills from amazon, unfortunately they tasted really bad, even though they helped me. But I could not force myself to eat all these pills for long. Thankfully, one day I saw an ad about a new product called turmeric jelly gummies by Reshape Me. They were made in the USA (I’m a huge patriot) and approved by the FDA.

Let me tell you these gummies were a lifesaver.

I have been taking this product 2 gummies per day as prescribed. I am in my sixties and have been taking it for about three weeks. It definitely helps your joints and I can feel the difference when I get out of bed, when I walk up the stairs, and when I get out of the car after a car ride. I used to be stiff and barely moving after a half-hour ride. 

Wendy From Arizona Shares How The “Golden Spice” Helped To Relieve Her Arthritis

I am so impressed I have suggested it to my cousin, ordered some for my son's father-in-law who has a long commute, and have already ordered my own larger bottle because I don't want to run out. I feel like my old self again. I forgot what it was like to not be in constant pain. I also take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day, which helps with weight loss and metabolism. Really, this honestly made a difference in my everyday existence.

Why turmeric gummies are an answer to a prayer for many Americans

Arthritis can make your joints stiff and quite painful. But what's not so well known is that curcumin (an active ingredient in turmeric) is successful in helping this condition because it attacks the source of the issue: inflammation.

In fact, a study published by the medical journal Trials found that turmeric was similarly effective in treating osteoarthritis pain as the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac and it did not have the side effects of diclofenac (4).

Reshape Me turmeric gummies have been scientifically proven to:

  • Help to ease pain associated with arthritis
  • Delay aging and fight age-related chronic diseases
  • Boost your body's immune system defenses
  • Promote mobility and flexibility
  • Improve brain function

Here's what our customers are saying

CAUTION: Not all turmeric supplements are created equal!

If you've strolled through your local grocery store's supplement aisle recently, you probably noticed an endless row of turmeric supplements and each one promising life-changing benefits.

The unfortunate truth about most turmeric supplements is that they barely get absorbed by the body. You need to have ginger and pepper in the mix to have maximum absorptions of curcumin.

Wendy From Arizona Shares How The “Golden Spice” Helped To Relieve Her Arthritis

The key anti-inflammatory ingredient you need to look for is curcumin or curcuminoids. Most supplements claim to contain organic turmeric root powder, which contains about 1%-2% curcuminoids. And while that's not bad, it's not great either.

Reshape Me gummies are made with "standardized turmeric extract," which comes with 270 mg of curcumin. That's five times the amount of pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory compounds! Combine that with ginger and pepper for added inflammation-fighting benefits, and you have a MUCH more powerful turmeric supplement! So if you're looking for RESULTS, you want a product with at least 270mg of Standardized Turmeric Extract (5% Curcuminoids) per serving (which Reshape Me has).

Wendy From Arizona Shares How The “Golden Spice” Helped To Relieve Her Arthritis

Where to get it?

If you're looking for an effective product to relieve your chronic joint pain, reduce inflammation, increase your flexibility, and much more, then you should try turmeric gummies.

There's simply no greater feeling than being able to play in the yard with your grandchildren.

Visit the Reshape Me website and give their gummies a try!

Currently, they are offering a 32% discount with FREE 3-DAY SHIPPING.

Take advantage of it today, and start living life on your own terms again!

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