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I think I love it

I’m looking over the meal plans and buying a few things. I just downloaded it today. The food looks good and it has so many options and the recipes. Like anything else you yourself just has to stick with it. That is always the hard part and I pray that I can do it 😊.


This is what I have been looking for

I am sick of all the diet apps that have a few precalculated exercises to apply, but it is mostly all about calories - good ones, ok ones, bad ones. I don’t want to figure out what workout I need to do, I want someone to tell me. Here do this - and I will do it! This is it. Finally!!!!


I like it.

I’m really enjoying it. I like the workouts also. They are great to pair with my regular workouts at the gym and give me a great cool down. I like the monitoring of steps throughout the day and how it syncs with my Apple Watch.


So far so good!

I am 52 and out of shape, formerly very fit and a ballet dancer. It’s shocking how difficult working out is at this point. These exercises are wonderful and the speed I need for now. I love having the guidance and checking in to keep on track.



I am always looking for a good workout that kept me coming back to the gym. This app lets me track my workouts and has a variety where I enjoy all of it! Now if I can start using the rest of the benefits


Good but could use some improvements

A couple of things could be added to the food logging section. Like carb counting and more foods with carb information.


Quick workouts

As a new mom this app has quick workouts that o can do when the baby is sleeping. It has really helped me to get back into shape.


I’m enjoying this app

I never use the apps for weight loss, but this one I’m definitely using. It gives you recipes and exercises plus tracks your steps! I love it

Nisi Sargent08/23/2020

I love this app

Even though I only use it once a week it has already given me improvement I have gone from 200 to 135

Gabbie lover 1011/06/2020

You’ve got this!

This app was tailored to my needs! So far I’ve lost 5 percent of my goal in less than 2 weeks! You’ve got this - try it out!


Shape Me

Only a day and I love the app. Some quick workout video some food recipe tracks your water calories and more


Great easy workOuts

Burn calories while you’re at Home easily! Love these so much better than work Out Videos


Great overall focus for successful weight loss

This is something I can do and stick with!!! Thank you soo much.

SQB 52710/14/2020

On my terms

I like having the different timed workouts. Even if I’m feeling lazy I know I can do a 12 minute. I’m a fan.



My water intake is much improved using this app! And I’m much more aware of what I’m eating also.


Great serious people trying to better themselves

Easy and fun


Start something for you

Do your work! That is all! #onespeedgo


Love this app!!

Awesome workouts!! Super easy to navigate and definitely hits all the target areas. Love it!!


This is the best!

I love all the execises that I just did, I feel a lot better.


Just started

I think it’s going to be great


I love it!

This app keeps it simple but intense enough for results


Love it!

I’ve used this app for about a year and I love it!


Awesome Resource

This app helps keep me on track. I love it!



Keeps me on track


Love it

This app is definitely pushing me to my threshold



Best loosing weight app I’ve ever used !


I loooooove it so much it is the best.



It is great!

It’s a great starter!

Rickeya Marshall10107/23/2020

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