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You can earn at least $10 on each product sale directed from your site. The more revenue you make - the higher the commission you get!

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Reshape conversion rates are one of the highest in the industry. Thus, you can be assured that your traffic will convert in all GEOs! We will provide you with the latest, most relevant creative assets as soon as they´re available to reach the maximum results.

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Currently over 500k users worldwide trust Reshape in their weight-loss journey. We cover all the markets in the world and the app is available in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese). A team of over 100 marketing professionals makes every campaign a success! Plus, our numbers are rapidly growing!

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If you are a beginner in the world of influencers, don‘t worry – we´ll help you to get started! A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you who will assist you in setting up and launching campaigns. Our managers are here to provide support and advice to optimize and increase your earnings.

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Membership to our program is totally free. You can sign up and become our partner anytime, as well as step back anytime. But if you try this - earnings will not pass you by. We're almost sure.

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Influencers on any platform (YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Podcast) and of any size who have a strong desire to work with health and fitness brands.

Affiliates that have blogs, news sites, review or coupons sites, etc. If you are interested in covering dieting, health and fitness topics (and earning a high commission) - you came to the right place!

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Quick workouts

As a new mom this app has quick workouts that o can do when the baby is sleeping. It has really helped me to get back into shape.


I’m enjoying this app

I never use the apps for weight loss, but this one I’m definitely using. It gives you recipes and exercises plus tracks your steps! I love it

Nisi Sargent08/23/2020